This is how the world ends
Catalyst Downward Cycle

Book One of
—The Catalyst Series by JK Franks—

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Catalyst Downward Cycle

An ordinary man helplessly watches the world around him begin to crumble after a massive Solar Flare cripples most of the worlds power grid and electrical devices with catastrophic consequences. While the thin veneer of normalcy stubbornly shrouds the coming collapse. Scott Montgomery realizes the truth; not just about the extent of damage to the worlds infrastructure but also the drastic plans a shadow government has for recovery.

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  • This has instantly become one of my top favorite reads. The story is so intriguing as it is based on events that could actually happen. I couldn't put the book down! Can't wait for book 2!

    Amazon Customer

  • Great story. Well done and very well narrated.


  • "Fantastic CME Story Very Well Done!!!!"

    Joseph Mahoney

  • "Beginning of what looks like a great series!"

    Matthew in Seattle



The somewhat unlikely hero Scott sees the world go dark first from the seat of his bike. As this loner, computer geek struggles to adapt and survive the social collapse of civilization we see challenges all of us might face.


Our setting is in a fictional small coastal town in Mississippi. One of the main hangouts is Castro’s Sports Bar. This one in Gulf Shores, AL was the inspiration for that location.


One of our heroes in Book One is Solo a Hungarian Kusvaz breed known for both their ferocity and occasional anti-social behavior.


Catalyst is a story with multiple antagonists. None any larger than our sun. The Solar Flare or CME that strikes the Earth may be the beginning of the end for our Planet.

The Journey

  • LISTEN TO JK FRANKS Describe the motivation for THe CAtalyst SERIES

    Recently the author gave an interview describing both his writing process and his motivation for writing such a series. In doing so, he offers a fascinating glimpse into the creative process.


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