American Exodus - now an
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Then it got worse
—The Catalyst Series by JK Franks—

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American Exodus

The newest work from the Catalyst series just hit the International bestseller Category. In it We follow one man’s desperate journey home in a post-apocalyptic world. Steven Porter finds himself wandering the highways after the world he knows vanishes. Millions are fleeing the cities trying to find safety.

Steven finds himself as one of those lost souls wandering the highways. Each step forward is fraught with peril and the question that haunts him is what will he find if he even makes it back home. To survive the dangerous journey he must battle hunger, thirst and the relentless attacks by others as well as brutal response by our government that raises more questions than answers. What’s left of his world? Normal is a fading memory, survival is all that matters. His challenge is simple, adapt or die.

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More on American Exodus

First I should say that this is not book 3 of the seires. Let's call it book 2.5. It is actually a stand alone story I've been working on for some time. It is connected to the other Catalyst books but new settings and characters.

The idea for this was a question I received while promoting the other books. "How would you get home if a disaster like this occured?"

Yeah...it was a good question and one I had given some thought to. When you travel you rarely would have any of the supplies you needed. Even preppers would be at a disadvantage. As I sat down to pen the story I took it one step farther—what would average Joe do in this situation? Someone with no clue as to what happened or how to survive. What developed was a truly satisfying 'get home' tale. Check it out and see if you agree.

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  • Great book. As a former member of over 20 years in the SOF (SpecOp Forces) community I can tell you that this is a great book with a well thought out story.

    Brion Gluck

  • This is an excellent dystopian book that I couldn’t put down. It was suspenseful, well written, and and intriguing.

    S. Borrelli - Amazon

  • Sometimes when you read a book, you are only an observer, albeit close to the action. Once in a great while, you are 'THERE'. This book is one of those. Five Stars.


  • Great Addition to the Catalyst Saga

    S. Atherton in Oregon