Admitted tech geek, entrepreneur, cyclist and bestselling author, JK Franks’ world was formed by a childhood spent in the rural South growing up during the Space Age, when he developed a love for writing. He became an avid student of history and science, and aa regular reader of reference books and biographies. Once he discovered science fiction he never looked back.

Franks’ work is characterized by meticulous research and a gritty, seldom-matched realism. He released his first novel (the first book in a planned trilogy), Catalyst: Downward Cycle, in June of 2016. The 2017 release of the second novel in the series, Kingdoms of Sorrow, continues the tale of a near-future apocalyptic event and the survivors’ efforts to hang on to the remnants of a collapsing civilization. Both books have been well received, quickly becoming fan-favorites on Amazon and Audible. His latest work, American Exodus soared to number one soon after its release in eearly 2018.

His protagonists are human: not superheroes, just normal people with the same problems as everyone else, but who rise to challenges when they come along. The Catalyst series combines his passion for hard science fiction with his outlook on self-reliance.

Franks and his wife now live in West Point, Georgia. He is currently working on the third book of the Catalyst series. No matter where he is or what's going on, he tries his best to set aside time every day to answer emails and messages from readers. You can visit him on the web at www.jkfranks.com. Please subscribe to his newsletter for updates, promotions, and giveaways. You can also find the author on Facebook or email him directly at media@jkfranks.com.

AUTHOR - JK Franks

Literary influences include; Robert Heinlein, Arthur Clarke, Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis and Ayn Rand.

Franks realized early that books allowed him to see life through another’s eyes. The viewpoints didn't have to match his own; they allowed his perception of the world at large to keep expanding.

Views On Writing

Writing is storytelling. Franks feels that this is the most compelling for him about writing. To weave an entertaining story with believable, intelligent characters and plausible plots, is a grand accomplishment.

"Nothing to me is as frustrating as formulaic writing that simply retells the same story you have read a hundred times before. Be original or don’t do it." – JK Franks


Each of us is a construct of where we come from, and the collective experiences we’ve accumulated along the way. Few of us have had the lives of drama, romance or intrigue that exist in fiction. When an author puts forth an idea or a character flaw that is different from our own, try not to be offended. He or she is building a world in which to contain the story. It will not be the same for someone who has had a different collective experience from the author’s or your own.

FAQ's ANSWERS from the Author

Are your characters based on real people?

No, not at all. They are devices used to convey differing points of view and to move the story arc along. Many people may feel a character is based on someone real, but that’s coincidence at best.

Why did you choose to locate the story in Mississippi?

For several reasons. One: I was familiar with the coastal region of the Gulf. My creation of the fictional town of Harris Springs includes elements from actual locations from the Mississippi Gulf coast area. I also needed an area with a mild climate and a diverse group of locals who retained the southern charms I’m so fond of.

Are you a Prepper?

While I did do a lot of research on prepping and survival, no, I am not. Most likely I would be one of the first to go! I do believe in being prepared, though, and I have a lot of respect for those that do.

Do you believe the outlook for survival would be as bleak as Downward Cycle suggests?

I am just a writer, so I often rely on research and evidence put forth by others to develop my stories. Having said that, I am concerned; the potential for a large-scale disaster is significant and I believe that as a nation we are woefully unprepared to provide relief efforts for any long-term and/or large-scale need.

What Happens in the next book?

You’ll have to buy it and see. I will say that it deals with a different set of challenges than Book One, and on a much larger scale. Many of the familiar characters will be back, though.

The Catalyst series books are a "work in progress" so any details I gave away might have changed by the final edit.


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