Kingdoms of Sorrow
Catalyst Book two

The future just got darker
—The Catalyst Series by JK Franks—

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Kingdoms of Sorrow

Earth reels in the aftermath of a devastating solar flare—the effect of a savage solar storm that has resulted in a global disaster of unprecedented proportions. Most of the world is without electrical power or the means to restore it.

In the blink of an eye, the life we lead today became history: the infrastructures of modern American life ceased to exist. Cities, nations and governments are no more . The economy has collapsed and lawlessness reigns. Billions have perished and survival has become a way of life in a world that seems intent on wiping out humankind—or at least its humanity. Those who remain seem to operate on opposite ends of the moral spectrum.

Whether it’s a group of religious zealots delivering evil, a mysterious military faction with a secret agenda, the dispersal of the world’s most terrible bioweapon, or an approaching hurricane, there is much to threaten the survivors of Harris Springs and indeed the whole of mankind. Scott Montgomery and his unlikely group of friends try to hold on to what remains of their community and help the countless shattered lives within it move on in the wake of the apocalypse. But what lies ahead appears to be even greater darkness.

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  • Outstanding! I'm not sure if a second book in a series has ever been so well written. Franks has become one of my favorite dystopia authors.


  • Exultant! I really have enjoyed both book one and now this 2nd book of this series.

    Audible Review

  • A Compelling Story with Characters You'll Long Remember


  • Awesome! Great story with a little of everything. Can't wait for book three!

    Tina in Maryland

A Q&A Session on Kingdoms

How closely does this story follow book 1 of the series?

From a timing standpoint, it picks up several months after the end of book 1. The main characters are the same and you will pick up familiar banter among the friends, but the stress level has been ratcheted up dramatically. They are responsible for an entire community now and survival is on everyone’s mind.

As book 2 of a series, what have you done to make this one different?

This is a bigger story. In book 1 the solar flare and resulting blackout were the story. Now that is becoming a backdrop. Survival gets real and we start exploring the ideas that go beyond simple prepping. Longer term needs such as establishing trade, dealing with threats and how much are you willing to do to survive. Some of the ideas brought up in Downward Cycle are now being put to the test.

What will surprise fans the most about this book?

First, they are going to be blown away by the level of action going on. This story has a lot of moving parts. Also, I think they will like how the characters are adapting and growing into true survivors. Finally, I believe they may gain some new perspective on those behind the Catalyst plans.

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is essentially a set of contingency plans that someone in the government had put together. Early on in the writing process I realized I wanted to tell a much bigger story than just surviving the CME. Much research I did on the human race indicated we can likely survive a single global catastrophe but what happens when multiple disasters unfold? In the Catalyst series, we will use cascading disasters, these plans and occasional conspiracy theories to explore what would be a potentially seismic shift in the human population. Think of it as a catalyst for change. That change may be for the better or…it could be for the worst.

One of the finest audiobook preformances ever

Voice actror Steven Varnum turns in a rich and emotional performance on the Kingdoms' audiobook. The diversity of characters and level of tension comes through on every level. Check it out today!